One of the most common complaints that renters have is how little space they have for all their stuff. It can be difficult in an apartment to keep everything that you have. However, by knowing a few little space-saving tricks, you can make the most of whatever size your apartment is. You can keep things neat and tidy while also maximising every square meter.

Be Creative with Your Shelves

a simple white book shelf with books and decorative items on it

The first thing you can do is to be creative with the types of shelves you are buying. When it comes to shelving, you should be thinking vertical instead of horizontal. You can find shelves that can be built into the wall, and you can even build shelving into other furniture. For example, you can have things like your dining room furniture with extra shelves to double as storage. You can get shelves that fold when not in use, so they end up taking up a lot less space.

Get a Loft Bed

two girls playing on a loft bed

One of the biggest space savers you could have is a loft bed. There are so many different storage devices you can integrate into your loft bed that it would provide more than 50% of the needed storage in the house. For example, the stairs of the loft bed could be drawers that you keep things like underwear and other clothing in. You could have a cabinet under the loft bed where you hang your clothes and other important artifacts. Some people even put a computer desk under the loft bed, so they have a space to work from home when they are not sleeping. The most important thing about a loft bed is that it gives you the maximum amount of space possible in the smallest area possible.

Get Furniture That Also Seconds as Storage

a woman tying her shoes while sitting on a bench with storage

It might be worth your while to make custom furniture that doubles as storage. You can have your furniture built by professionals with storage in mind. It might cost more, but it will save you a lot of headaches in the future when everything you want is easily accessible. You might even find it a lot more economical when you don’t need to pay for a larger apartment to keep all your stuff. The final thing you can do is to get self-storage like what you would find from Storage Sheds Grafton.

Put Things You Don’t Use in Self Storage

a woman in a new apartment unloading a box

One of the easiest ways you can get extra storage is to go with something like Storage Sheds Grafton. This is self-storage, and it makes it easy and affordable for you to put everything you want in another place. Storage Sheds Grafton also gives you the benefit of keeping your apartment a lot more organized than it was before. Good candidates for items to put in self-storage include everything you don’t use often. For example, those utensils that you got as a gift but rarely touch. You can also put old clothes and toys if you have any in self-storage as well.


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