Clearing a home of clutter is a good idea whether a person is quarantined or not, but for some people the task might seem overwhelming. But like other tasks that seem daunting, decluttering can be broken down into steps that make it easier and even fun. Here are some top tips from Self Storage Coffs Harbour for decluttering:

Decluttering Begins in the Mind

a woman sitting down on her couch problematic about the clutter

Even before a person puts one single thing in that first “donate” box, they may need to change the way they think about their home and the items in it.

First, the home is not a unit in a storage company. Storage is the job of a place such as Self Storage Coffs Harbour.

Instead of considering no longer useful or wanted items as things to get rid of, the owner can think of them as things they’re giving away to other people who need them.

They can also consider that it costs to hang on to something that they no longer want. The cost doesn’t need to be in money but can be in space that can be freed up for something else.

A homeowner who needs more inspiration can pretend that they have to move house soon. This gives them an excuse to look at all the stuff in their drawers and closets and consider what they would pay to have a removalist pack up and transport and what they’d leave behind.

Decluttering Habits

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After the person is used to thinking of decluttering a certain way, their habits should reflect this. One of these is the “touch once” principle when it comes to paperwork. Because a person only allows themselves to touch their mail once, or maybe twice after some needed hand-washing, they take care of bills and correspondence right away, and discard anything that’s unimportant.

Another tip is to keep a box in the clothes closet. When an item has outlived its usefulness or no longer brings joy, drop it in the box.

The 90-day Rule

a father and son donating their belongings

There’s also the one in one out rule. With every new thing that comes into the home, another thing goes out.

The 90 days rule stipulates that if the owner hasn’t used something in 90 days and has no plans to use it 90 days from then, it needs to go. Of course, this applies to things that are commonly used or worn, not seasonal items such as Christmas decorations.

Speaking of seasonal items, these are the items that are the best candidates for long term storage in Self Storage Coffs Harbour. There’s little point in keeping items such as that huge platter used for the Christmas turkey in the home or the Christmas surfboards taking up needed space in the garage.

Don’t let the boxes from that online retail company go to waste. If a lot of boxes have come into the house lately and the urge to declutter strikes, fill the boxes up, and put them in the car to donate, take to the recycling place or to Self Storage Coffs Harbour.


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